Film Workshops + (A)Sexual: 8th Week with Fire Escape Films

Are you interested in learning more about arts administration? Perhaps tips on getting your film selected into a festival? Documentary filmmaking, and LGBTQ issues?

If yes, then listen up!

UCIA + Fire Escape Films are teaming up once again for What’s My Discipline?, an ongoing series where working professionals discuss their career paths in the arts.  Next Wednesday, February 27th we have the honor of hosting Jolene Pinder (AB ‘01) and Clint Bowie (AB ‘03) of the New Orleans Film Society. They will talk about life after UChicago and how they got to run the coolest film festival on the Mississippi

 Wednesday Feb. 27th 6:00PM in Café Logan


(Refreshments will be served)


On Thursday February 28th, we will also be screening (A)Sexual, filmed and produced by Jolene Pinder herself, with a Q & A to follow. The film tracks the growth of a community that experiences no sexual attraction, and their struggle to claim their identity. (trailer

Thursday Feb. 28th 4:30PM in Max Palevsky Cinema (Ida Noyes)

We’re looking forward to an exciting 8th week!

-Fire Escape Films


Fire Escape Films Goes to Hollywood!

Fire Escapees!

We’re proud to announce our participation in the UCIA-sponsored trek to Los Angeles this spring break (March 27 -28). That’s right, Fire Escape Films will be able to send two lucky Fire Escapees to Los Angeles and participate in visits to Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal, Mass Animation, and Disney Interactive*. Additionally, you will be able to meet some UChicago alums working in the entertainment industry. Cool! All registered University of Chicago students are eligible to apply.  Airfare and lodging will be fully covered for!

To apply, simply fill out this form by Friday, March 1st at 6:00PM CST.  Please note that our criteria is different from UCIA’s, as in we will not require an essay at the end of your experience, or a cover letter in order to apply.

Please direct questions to

With love, 


*Some visits are yet to be confirmed.


We’re casting a 25-minute short comedy film with an ensemble cast, to be shot this winter for submission to a short film competition in March. We’re looking for 8 actors—descriptions below!


Auditions are in  the Logan Production Lab, LC014, this Monday 2/4 from 6-9 & Tuesday 2/5 from 8-11. No preparation required!


Lauren: Looks mid- to late- 20s. Politely ambitious. Sings in public. Subscribes to The New Yorker but doesn’t read it. Wears lipstick in colors that don’t suit her. Talks fast.

Logan: Looks 22-27. Well-meaning young man, enthusiastic but a little dumb. Has lots of swag, and appreciates any facet of pop culture that (probably) has its own tab on Buzzfeed. Puts too much money into his car—always avoids speeding tickets. Not self-aware. Would wear a hat in comfortable weather. Stimulated by anything “meta.” Likes similes in rap. Misses his childhood dog. 

Robert: Looks 22-27, but the older the better. Pretentious. Proud of his abilities, tastes, and character, and also the fact that he’s more important than you. Incredibly knowledgeable about a few very specific things. Likes to be listened to. All his shirts are two sizes too big. 

Joan: Doesn’t shake hands. Reads people incredibly well, and is sometimes mean about it. Possibly supernatural.

Ralph: A self-identifying Chill Dude. Unique-looking. Determinedly lowbrow. Really invested in not taking care of his hair. Rolls his own cigarettes. 

Helen: Young. Enjoys hating everyone. Depressed. Uses irony as a means of coping with interactions, but maybe not. Has had headlice in the past 5 years. Cuts her own bangs.

Alex: Young. Your friend’s earnest roommate, the one with a colored hoodie and a Donnie Darko poster. Remember when he was [any Wes Anderson character] for Halloween? 

Arnold: Older than everyone else. Rich for unknown reasons. Very enthusiastic. A bad listener. Owns pleated pants, a book on self-made succe$$, and at least one turtleneck.


See you there, 


It’s finally here…
We’re baaaaaaaack. Welcome back people.  Check out the winter schedule at the cage and start brainstorming for your films.  And stay tuned for exciting events coming up this quarter.  We love you!

We’re baaaaaaaack. Welcome back people.  Check out the winter schedule at the cage and start brainstorming for your films.  And stay tuned for exciting events coming up this quarter.  We love you!

Check it. 


one of us, one of us, one of us

DID YOU KNOW, tiny group of committed followers, that the Logan Center DMC runs workshops that will teach you The Technical Skills You Need To Make It In This Cut-Throat Industry? Uh, yeah, you heard it here first. (Possibly not though, cause I totally meant to post this like five days ago, whoops)

General meeting tonight at 8:00pm in Harper 103